Timothy Dukes

Timothy Dukes, PhD, is a veteran psychotherapist, leadership adviser, and father. His expertise in creating and holding a transformational process instills Presence in Leadership for individual, partnership, family, team, and organizational development. Informed by years of clinical work, academic research, and contemplative practice — his consulting bridges the worlds of dynamic opposition so that what seems to be a contradiction informs a process of clarity. The Present Parent Handbook speaks to his work with families. Learn more at www.drtimothydukes.com.

Michael Landers

Michael Landers, MA, is the founder and president of Culture Crossing Inc., a global consulting company dedicated to finding innovative solutions for leaders and teams working in multicultural contexts. Over the years, his workshops, seminars, and speaking events have drawn more than seventy-five thousand people on five continents. He is also the author of the bestselling book Culture Crossing, the essential primer to working, living, and thriving in today’s increasingly multicultural marketplace and communities. Learn more at www.culturecrossing.net

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Present Company by Timothy Dukes and Michael Landers

Being present is not just a lucky accident or a trendy buzzword. According to Timothy Dukes and Michael Landers, it is an achievable skillset you can cultivate in your personal life, business, or organization. Discover how the art of Presence can enhance your creativity, productivity, and performance on every front—ensuring that you enter any situation with confidence and a new found awareness.

Book available January 31st click here for all retailers:


And learn more about the book and how it can be used with your teams at: http://presentcompany.work/

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