More often than not, leaders do not have all of the answers. For them to grow and thrive alongside their teams and organizations, it’s important for leaders to accept help and input from others, creating productive environments for collaboration and space for different perspectives when making important decisions.

Lorna Davis, former CEO of Danone and Global Ambassador for B Lab, who’s TED Talk on collaborative leadership has amassed more than two million views, transforms the way leaders operate so they can incorporate social, environmental, and financial priorities into their business performance. Join us for a candid conversation between Lorna and Timothy Henry, co-author of the Conscious Capitalism Field Guide, as they discuss her view on the current state of leadership and business, what excites her about the future of purpose and culture, and more.

Lorna Davis

Former CEO, Danone Wave, and Global Ambassador, B Lab


Lorna Davis transforms the way leaders operate so they can incorporate social, environmental, and financial priorities into their business performance. She runs group workshops, coaches individuals, and is a highly sought after keynote speaker. She also serves on the board of a number of organizations that are committed to having meaningful purpose. Davis has served as president of multinational consumer goods companies for more than 20 years, at Danone, Kraft, and Mondelez. She has been a key leader in Danone’s purpose journey. In 2017, she served as CEO and chairwoman of Danone Wave (now Danone North America), where she established the six-billion-dollar entity as a Public Benefit Corporation and achieved B Corp status in 2018, making it the largest B Corp in the world. Davis is a member of the Social Mission Board of Seventh Generation, the Advisory Board of Radical Impact, the Integrity Board of Sir Kensington, and the Board of the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. She has lived and led businesses in seven countries, including the UK, France, and the US, and served on the global board of Electrolux for six years. She was also based in Shanghai, China, for six years, where she was the CEO of the merged Danone and Kraft business. Davis is now based in New York City, where she runs Lorna Davis Associates, working as a coach, speaker, and facilitator. She is a global ambassador for the B Corp movement. She is passionate about wildlife conservation, particularly the plight of the African rhino.

Timothy Henry

Co-Author, Conscious Capitalism Field Guide


Timothy Henry is a co-founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement and an experienced executive and consultant/coach with over 30 years' experience helping organizations become great businesses. He has over 30 years of experience working as a trusted business advisor, from Fortune 20 to entrepreneurial, owner-managed businesses across the globe. He has been with Conscious Capitalism as Trustee and co-founder from the beginning, and together with Raj Sisodia is co-author of the Conscious Capitalism Field Guide from Harvard Business Press as well as host of The Conscious Capitalists podcast.

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