Kent Gregoire Founder and CEO of Symphony Advantage

For over thirty years, Kent has been a fun spirited entrepreneur orchestrating conscious business; serving as founder and CEO of business start-ups, transitioning several into impressive rapid-growth companies, exits, and has also served as interim president and operating officer and as strategic business adviser to savvy entrepreneurs. Throughout Kent's career he has spoken, delivered workshops and training to entrepreneurs, key executives and professional sales people on a wide range of topics including responsibility centered leadership, living in the now: the overwhelmed solution, selling at the executive level, conscious capitalism, and “Make the Noise Go Away”, a 3-hour workshop for CEO and their Key Executive(s).

Brendon Johnson Tekdoc Founder & CEO

Brendon Johnson, President and Owner of TekDoc Solutions, started his company in 2004. Always a people person, Brendon combined his passion for helping others with his love for technology and TekDoc blossomed. Now being in the industry for over 17 years, he's learned a thing or two. TekDoc planted it's humble roots as one person helping friends and family with their IT needs. Since then, it has grown into a full service managed IT provider with a dynamic 15-person team.

Beyond generating quick solutions to IT problems, Brendon hopes that TekDoc can make a positive impact in the lives of all their stakeholders. The way he cares about others is unmatched and it shows when you talk with him. Whether it is the clients they serve each day, the vendors who they have grown deep relationships with or their own employees, it is truly important to Brendon that people know they are valued.

Brendon’s way of thinking has always been a little bit different. Being an entrepreneurial spirit, he always has a new way of doing things. However, that does not mean he has been alone on his journey to growing TekDoc. Being supported by like minded individuals, such as the members of Entrepreneur’s Organization and Conscious Capitalism, allows for Brendon to thrive. Constantly trying to better himself, Brendon loves to take on new projects, listen to others and challenge boundaries. Learning from other conscious leaders, reaching out of his comfort zone and adapting to the ever- changing environment is something that he excels in.

Although it is something that has always come naturally to him, through working with Conscious Capitalism, Brendon hopes to enhance the caring culture at TekDoc. Making his company a safe place to grow, learn and be heard is top priority for him. Outside of work, Brendon enjoys spending time with his wife, Krystina and walking with their adorable dogs.

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