From overproduction and poor waste management to high energy consumption, the retail industry often contends with criticism for its environmental impact. Reimagining the industry and upending current conventions will require the concerted effort of buyers, retailers, and manufacturers alike, ultimately ensuring that we can actively work towards creating a more sustainable future. 

Bringing environmentally conscious procurement and reporting solutions to companies, Coolperx is a key player in the sustainable commerce movement. At this virtual gathering, hear Coolperx co-founders Lou Elliott-Cysewski and Seth Cysewski share takeaways from what they’ve learned starting the first climate neutral, net-zero merchandising company in the world, insights into how to reorient your supply chain and procurement strategies with sustainability in mind, and more.

Lou Elliott-Cysewski

Co-Founder & CEO, Coolperx


Lou Elliott-Cysewski is an entrepreneur and an environmentalist. She’s also a fourth-generation service member and a sought-after speaker who is building a multimillion-dollar mission-driven company. Lou founded Coolperx the first climate neutral merchandising company in the world with the goal of transforming the merchandising industry from a toxic environmental polluter to a conscious connector of people and values. While she guides brands such as Google, Microsoft, and T-Mobile through their corporate gift-giving activities, she also helps her clients with their overall procurement and sustainability practices. As a result of her extensive experience and expertise, Lou is a coveted speaker who has shared her high energy and powerful insights to engage audiences at corporate events and venues such as NYC Climate Change Week, Bunker Labs, Google IWD Event, and more. She is also a published author and has been featured in 425 Business Magazine, The Economist, Forbes, and MoneyGeek, and has been listed as one of the top 100 trailblazing entrepreneurs of 2021. Lou lives in Seattle with her husband Seth, Coolperx’s CINO, and their daughter. She brings years of mission-focused community-building with organizations like Plymouth Housing and Lake Washington School District, and currently serves on the board of the Kirkland Arts Center.

Seth Cysewski

Co-Founder & CINO, Coolperx


Seth Cysewski is an award-winning entrepreneur and inventor. He has 15 years of experience working with consumer products, marketing solutions, and sustainability. He is also the co-founder and CINO of Coolperx and host of the Scaling Sustainability podcast. Along with his wife, Lou, Seth founded Coolperx as the first climate neutral merchandising company in the world. After years of working in the promotional products industry, he started the company with the goal of transforming the merchandising industry from a toxic environmental polluter to a conscious connector of people and values. He’s now on a mission to help his clients develop meaningful relationships through sustainable and ethical procurement practices. Seth works with brands like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to guide their social and environmental responsibilities through every step of the procurement process. To do so, he created the first embodied carbon accounting index for consumer goods categories: the Climate Cost Index. Seth did this while launching the Reclaimed Carbon Program, which reclaims the carbon of every product Coolperx sells from extraction to end of life. As a result of his extensive knowledge and experience, Seth is a coveted speaker who shares his insights about implementing environmental sustainability best practices into business organizations.

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