Business leaders define and measure impact to reflect a commitment to purpose, strategy, and stakeholder. The commitment  to define and present data, metrics, and analysis that illustrate the performance in areas such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion, community engagement, and ethical business practices requires rigor and often operational changes.

The 2023 Vital Farms Impact Report is exemplary of a stakeholder-first approach. The report outlines their short and medium-term goals that are grounded in their purpose to improve the lives of people, animals, and the planet through food. Through their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy and results-driven, holistic approach to positive change the report showcases investments in crew, innovation with farms, and progress for the environment and communities, support for customers, and delivery on their commitment to shareholders with solid 2022 financial results.

In this Virtual Gathering, Andrea Chu, Director of Environmental, Social, and Governance at Vital Farms will share how the company defined and measured their goals and presented their impact in a comprehensive data-driven report. Learn how to create and formalize an effective strategy that drives positive impact from how one of the few publicly traded, certified B-Corps, committed to raising the standards in the food industry.

Andrea Chu

Director of Environmental, Social, and Governance, Vital Farms


Andrea believes that building more resilient food systems can solve many of society’s challenges and has spent her career working towards just that. Andrea serves as Director of Impact and ESG at Vital Farms and supports the company’s environmental and social impact strategy. She’s worked across the supply chain from developing sustainability and responsible sourcing programs at Cargill and the Campbell Soup Company to influencing food companies with the Environmental Defense Fund to working a few seasons on farms.

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