The negative impacts of dealing with stress and anxiety at work manifest in a number of ways. From diminished performance and focus to strained communication and decision-making abilities, senior executives and more junior employees alike struggle with the same consequences, which can ultimately impact company performance.

At this virtual gathering focused on helping Conscious Leaders reduce their stress while providing their teams with the tools to do the same, Kevin Hekmat, corporate wellness expert, will offer research-backed approaches to bring clarity and reduce anxiety at work and in life. Discover actionable steps and techniques to start employing today to create a culture of well-being and shared success for your organization.

Kevin Hekmat

Corporate Wellness Expert


Kevin Hekmat is a corporate performance and wellness coach who’s here to shift how we respond to stress—and bring more happiness, productivity, and communication to teams around the world. He uses over 30 years of research from the HeartMath Institute to share a new understanding of how we can manage the stress response through simple, evidence-based techniques, and create a happier and healthier work and life.

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