Brandon Hatton Author, Conscious Wealth

Brandon is an investment advisor who endeavors to help his clients live abundant, intentional lives. He specializes in family dynamics around multi-generational wealth and advises clients who seek to use their financial assets to help make a positive impact through investments and philanthropy.

Brandon understands the constructive nature of wealth when all family members are engaged and working collaboratively. To this end, he guides families in estate planning, business exit strategy, and general financial preparedness for future generations. Brandon enjoys the fulfillment that working with people brings, including the creative, methodical nature of portfolio creation and wealth maintenance based on Conscious Wealth principles.

Brandon has traveled the world many times over, opened a school in Egypt with a team of four co-founders, and taught history in Lebanon and Brazil. He enjoys sailing, reading poetry, and cooking whenever he has a chance.

Chris Smith Co-Founder & CEO, Zunzi's

SHIT YEAH! It isn’t just Zunzi’s motto—it’s a promise to Zunzi’s six stakeholders—TEAM, FRANCHISEES, FANS, COMMUNITY, VENDORS and INVESTORS—that when they engage with the business, they leave saying it. Chris Smith first said those words as a Zunzi’s customer in 2008 while opening his second of seven Five Guys franchises in Savannah, Georgia. At that moment, he knew he would someday own the restaurant and franchise it. In 2014, Smith purchased the Zunzi’s from its founders and quickly got to work refining the South African-inspired takeout shop. In 2018, he opened a second location in Atlanta and set his sights on becoming the “Franchise with Purpose.” This is best explained through Zunzi’s vision statement: “The Restaurant Business SUCKS!... We are here to CHANGE it!” Smith’s original vision is now coming to fruition with the announcement of franchising the dual concept Zunzi’s + Zunzibar in select Southeastern markets.

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