Years into the pandemic, the remote teams that emerged out of necessity now remain a common aspect of many company's workforce and operational strategies, whether hybrid or fully virtual. As businesses continue to weigh the pros and cons of these models, some have fully committed to a remote-first culture, not only as a way to operate efficiently but also to recruit and retain employees seeking increased flexibility. 

With their team working fully remote for the past 25 years, our partner Barrett Values Centre helps fellow organizations empower their people, perform at their best, and achieve their goals. At this virtual gathering Chris Gomez, CEO of Barrett Values Center, will share guidance and tips on how to create an efficient remote culture, ways to motivate and rally distributed teams around a shared purpose, how to consciously lead in a virtual setting, and more.

Chris Gomez

CEO, Barrett Values Centre


As CEO of Barrett Values Centre, Chris Gomez supports leaders and organizations to align culture and strategy and create well-being and sustainable futures for all stakeholders. Chris joined Barrett Values Centre in 1998 as the Director of Information Technology. In 2017, he became the CEO and is responsible for the mission, vision, strategy, and culture of the company, leading employees in the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS in computer science. He lives in Crozet, Virginia, with his family.  

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