Senior business leaders are often seen as the "brain" of a company. Much like a human brain, leaders can be trained to reframe challenges and overcome obstacles with a "neuro-based" approach. This training will allow you to become a more efficient and confident leader capable of tackling a wider breadth of challenges.

In this Virtual Gathering, Lindsay Harle-Kadatz and Stefan Herbst, who combine for 40+ years of experience in marketing, IT security, and consulting, will be sharing scientifically-based strategies to take actions that align with your values and support finding your business's Higher Purpose. They will also share insights and tips from leaders who have put these approaches into action and help you understand how to maximize results.

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

Owner, BRP Consulting

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz is known in speaking circles as the Values Vixen (that…and a quirky human). As a speaker, brand and mindset consultant, she supports leaders who want to have an immediate and lasting impact on their people - and it starts with values. She speaks on a number of topics including mental health and the creative brain, what values in action do for trust, and how listening is more than ensuring you've had a good q-tip clearing. Each time, she looks to leave value through tangible takeaways while connecting with a bit of humor here and a well-timed pun here and there. A Neuro Change Method™️ Master Certified Practitioner, branding specialist, and ever-learning listening student & facilitator, she uses a different lens for connecting leaders and teams to their values, their values to their behavior, and their behavior to actions that matter to gain real traction in business (and life).

Stefan Herbst

General Manager, ADVANTUS360

Stefan Herbst is the General Manager at ADVANTUS360. Stefan collaboratively leads the team providing applied assistance throughout the organization. Stefan’s entrepreneurial spirit and vision support our business functions; assisting our organization in maintaining quality relationships with clients, motivating and mentoring staff through empowerment and thoughtful leadership, continual improvement, and ensuring sustainability to achieve business objectives. Stefan’s strong problem-solving, strategic planning, delegation, and communication skills are a great asset to support the team to excel in outcome-driven productivity. With more than 15 years of experience in IT technology and strategy, Stefan effectively utilizes his expertise to stand behind the team to support leading IT professional services. Prior to his role at ADVANTUS360, Stefan spent several years in security operations & architecture roles before migrating to leading his own practice for a wide variety of customers throughout North America.

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