Wei Li Head of Zoom Events

Wei Li is Head of Zoom Events, from Zoom Video Communications. She has over 20 years of experience in the communications software industry and 11 years in the collaboration and video conferencing industry in product management and development roles. Wearing multiple hats of product management, partnership development and engineering, Wei enjoys designing products, solving user’s real problems with ease of use and working with partners to find innovative and creative integration solutions for video collaboration and conferencing experiences.

Shauna Nep Vice President of Philanthropy at SB Projects

Shauna Nep is the Vice President of Philanthropy at SB Projects—a diversified entertainment and media company behind pop culture icons such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, J Balvin, Ashley Graham, and many more. SB Projects was founded with the principle that a social good element be integrated into everything they do. Nep works closely with each client to develop social impact initiatives tailored to reflect the passions, causes, and communities most important to them. She does this in partnership with nonprofits and social enterprises that have a positive track record of impact and commitment to change. Shauna was previously the Director of Community and Innovation at the Goldhirsh Foundation and a philanthropic advisor at Fundamental Inc. She is currently the Board President of LA-Más, a nonprofit urban planning and design firm in Los Angeles, and sits on the regional board of Opportunity Fund. She is also an Advisor to Good Today, a non-profit platform making it easy and meaningful to give to charity daily. Shauna graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.A. in the History and Philosophy and Science and from New York University with a Masters in Bioethics. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their two children.

Alexander McCobin CEO , Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

Alexander has been the CEO of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. since 2017, after serving as Co-CEO starting in 2016.

Alexander holds a BA in philosophy and economics from the University of Pennsylvania, a MA in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania, and a MA in philosophy from Georgetown University.

In his youth, Alexander’s entrepreneurial drive led him to start and run several businesses, both for profit and nonprofit. During college, though, he didn’t see business as a way to change the world, he thought the way to do that was through academia. So he began a PhD program in Philosophy at Georgetown University. As he began to work on a dissertation regarding corporate moral responsibility, he attended the first Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference in 2013, where he was inspired by business leaders dedicated to changing the world. Within a year, he left Georgetown without the PhD and dedicated himself to running one of the businesses he had started during undergrad. Before he joined CCI’s staff, he turned that organization into a multimillion dollar operation.

In his spare time, Alexander likes to read, hike, run, dive, kayak, and cook. He feels most at home when he’s in the Pennsylvania mountains and the California coast.

His favorite joke: A chemist, a physicist, and an economist are shipwrecked on a desert island with one can of beans and no can opener. Sitting around, trying to figure out what to do with their predicament, they each propose a solution. The chemist says, “If we rub salt water on the lid, it will erode the edges and we can open it.” The physicist says, “If we triangulate the sun’s rays, we can heat the can until the lid explodes open.” The economist says, “Let’s assume we have a can opener.”

James Citron Chief Executive Officer of Pledge

James Citron is the Chief Executive Officer of Pledge and leads the strategic vision and organizational growth across the company.

James is a serial mobile and social entrepreneur committed to harnessing the power of mobile technology to create a more connected, healthy and sustainable planet. Prior to Pledge, James led Mogreet and Outspoken, two of the largest text messaging and mobile engagement companies in the United States, to acquisitions by Silver Lake and Blackstone portfolio companies, respectively. An early pioneer in the mobile video space and nicknamed the ‘Father of MMS’, James’ technology today powers over 50% of all MMS messages sent by businesses and was awarded one of the first patents in the mobile video space.

James is a frequent speaker on social enterprise, mobile technology and entrepreneurship, and enjoys mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs committed to building businesses at the intersection of profit and purpose. A graduate of Princeton University, James is personally passionate about helping to eradicate illiteracy, homelessness and hunger.

Cassie Fowler Chief People Officer at Pledge

Cassie Fowler is Chief People Officer at Pledge (formerly Pledgeling), whose mission is to Power Generosity. In this role, Cassie is responsible for driving the company’s culture initiatives and impact strategy. Pledge is a proud member of the United Nations Global Compact, Conscious Capitalism, Pledge 1% and PledgeLA, and was honored by Fast Company as one of their Most Innovative Companies and World Changing Ideas (2021).

Prior to joining Pledge, Cassie spent 15 years building global programs to support international nonprofits and media networks, including Amnesty International, The Green Belt Movement International, Al Jazeera English and Bloomberg Africa. In these roles, Cassie pioneered the first corporate giving partnerships with companies such as Google and Pact. Working hand-in-hand with 2004 Nobel Peace Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai of Kenya and the Nobel Women’s Initiative, Cassie drove the launch of the Billion Trees Campaign in 2006 in partnership with the United Nations, which has planted 15B+ trees to date.

Cassie holds two degrees from the University of California, San Diego and is a frequent guest speaker at universities and conferences. After traveling the world and living in the UK, Kenya, and Washington, DC throughout her career, Cassie now resides in Southern California with her husband and twin toddlers.

“I pledge to protect our natural environment and increase access to quality education.” What do you #PledgeTo today? www.pledge.to

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